The Best Internet Business Models

November 8th, 2014

Business ModelsThere are many internet business models but for our purposes here I am going to narrow our discussion to two basic marketing concepts. Free web real estate and paid web real estate.

Free Web Real Estate / Web 2.0

I am starting with the marketing method that is becoming more familiar and being utilized more and more as each day passes. This is also the most economical method of promoting your products and services. This is not, however, the fastest method.

If you are someone who has special interests, knows a lot about something, enjoys sharing your knowledge and do not mind building like the tortoise, then this may be the best method for you to market your business.

If you enjoy writing this is an especially rewarding venue because web 2.0 marketing is all about writing – articles, press releases, web pages, blog pages, and even books. The idea behind this method is that by writing good content, something that is valuable to others and of interest to others, you can win YOUR niche in the online world with a Site Build It! website migration to WordPress.

When search engines search for relevant content and when your keywords have been researched properly your information in the form of a web page or article will appear in the very first page of a search that someone is making regarding your niche area. While it may not appear immediately on the first page, if you commit to learning the process and understanding the way search engines “think” then you will win and be listed very much like the way you discovered one of the pages within this site.
How It Works

The left side of your browser page lists “organic” searches (except sometimes the top three and / or bottom one) and the right side of the page in your browser lists the paid ads.

The paid ads are the ones where someone is advertising something and hoping you will not only click on the ad but that you will ultimately purchase from them. While you can, and very likely will do some of both of these what you need to decide regarding these internet business models is to decide which works best for you.

What are you most comfortable with and how do you intend to market. YOU REALLY NEED TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION before going too much further into the process of starting your online business.

Paid Web Real Estate / Pay-Per-Click

The second basic internet business model is pay-per-click. Google’s name for its pay-per-click campaign is adwords and because it is the most sophisticated in terms of what it allows you to do both with regard to placement AND tracking it has been winning hugely as the place to search and the place to advertise.

I will be referring to adwords but the discussion also applies generically to include MSN and Yahoo searches and ad placement campaigns.

This is a format where you will pay for each click based on the keyword, the bid price, where you want the ad placed and how often you want to run your ads. The beauty of an adwords campaign is that you can quickly find what works and what doesn’t. This way you control your costs AND you get results very quickly (in distinction to Web 2.0)

An adwords campaign is the fastest way to build your business. You must have at least three pieces of the puzzle in place before starting:

Landing Page

The landing page or squeeze page to which you send your prospective buyer or lead must be a winner. What this means is that it must produce the anticipated results.

In other words, you don’t want to go to the expense of sending someone to your page if is not a tested, proven conversion machine. You will do this primarily with ad copy, and with the offer you are making. So, part of testing your ads will also be a testing of your landing page. This is extremely important and you cannot expect to win without a very powerful landing page.
Decide On An Internet Business Model

Decide on the internet business model you intend to use (see web 2.0) so that you have set-up your marketing to either make a sale when someone comes to your site or landing page OR if you simply want to capture the name and email information in order to build a list of potential buyers for the future. OR, you may simply want to provide an informational site such as the one you are now visiting.

Capturing Sales Leads

If you are capturing leads then you must have your auto responder set-up and have all your letters prepared to begin at the predetermined time you’ve established. If you are making a sale then you will need to have your credit card processing set-up also.

Banners And Classifieds

When using banners be sure the ad copy produces results and then be sure your placement is content-oriented (that is, it fits appropriately where it is being shown). If you are marketing for Nike you won’t have your banner placed on web pages or emails for senior citizens.

Each of these can be used effectively, however, I have not personally focused on either of these methods myself so I do not have first hand experience regarding these ads.

The one point I will make here is that you don’t need to waste your time doing the free classifieds. I did try those early on and found it to be a waste of time. It does depend upon what you are marketing as to whether free classifieds will be of any benefit. While you may get something once in a while, your time and focus can generally be more profitable using adwords or web 2.0.

So, that’s it, you need to think about these two basic internet business models and decide on which direction you will be going. As always, I’m available to help in any way I can so feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you OR will provide a time you can call me if that is more appropriate and helpful.

Affiliate network advertising or affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and most powerful methods of starting an online business quickly.

Essentially affiliate marketing is a business relationship between advertisers. Product manufacturers or service providers who want grow bigger businesses pay commission to “sales people” (affiliate marketers or producers / publishers) who are authorized to do online marketing for these companies. You can become one of these well paid affiliates simply by having a website that generates traffic.

As an affiliate marketer you take on the responsibility of generating “leads” for the advertiser (that is, the product manufacturer or service provider).

Commissions are earned when you send a lead that is converted either into new prospect for the company to market to or a purchase. Affiliate marketing is a low risk way of entering the world of internet marketing.

The affiliate marketer has no overheads, no products to produce, nothing to ship and is really just a “sales agent” (to use a term from the offline world) for whatever companies they choose to do business with online.

Usually the choice for an affiliate advertising relationship is made based on the interests and/or knowledge of the affiliate marketer. By choosing a subject matter of interest you gain a sales advantage as it is a product or service you are familiar with, passionate about or you simply enjoy the subject matter.

One person may choose to market for Ace Hardware and another for a travel company and someone else for digital information. The choices are only limited by your imagination.

Three Awesome Places Teens Can Find Jobs

November 4th, 2014

Where Teens Can Find JobsWhen you are only sixteen, looking to find jobs can be frustrating. You keep hearing, “Sorry, you have to be eighteen,” or “You have to be 21.”

There is no need to let yourself wallow in frustration. Instead, start by knowing where to look. Find Jobs Here!

Fast food restaurants

These restaurants are on almost every corner in major cities. And just as common in smaller towns. Flipping burgers or dropping fries may not be exciting, but the pay is decent and the hours are flexible.

Retail stores

If you aren’t keen on working at a restaurant, perhaps you should consider retail. Clothing stores are the most common employers of teenagers, but novelty stores, shoe stores and others will often hire young people for part-time work.

*Note: When applying at these stores, make sure to find out whether pay is commission-based. If it is, you will be paid according to how much you sell. Not big on sales? Then find a store that pays a standard hourly rate.

VIDEO: Teens In Retail

Seasonal work

Seasonal work is temporary, corresponding with times when you are not in school or when businesses need extra help for a short span.

For instance, if you have lifeguard or water safety training, you could work summers as a life guard at the local pool. You can also babysit for working parents who don’t want their elementary school children in daycare or who would rather pay you to watch their child, than to pay a childcare center (you’ll probably cost less). Other summer work includes yard work or pet sitting while people vacation.

Winter is another good time for seasonal work. During the holiday season, many stores take on extra employees to help handle the increase in customers. Do well enough at one of these positions and you might be offered to stay on after the holidays.

Other sources

Of course, these are not the only places that hire teenagers. They are simply the most common. Check local bookstores, childcare centers, and other small businesses. Also, ask around to family and friends. They might know someone who can help put you to work.

Here is a link to an article about Creative Ideas for Teen Jobs.

Creative Ideas for Teen Jobs

No matter where you get that first job, give it your best. Work hard, be honest and have fun. Remember that you are building the foundation for your future working life. Build a foundation you can be proud of.

Jobs For Teens Are Out There

Jobs For Teens

As a younger person, getting your first job – the kind with a regular paycheck – can seem daunting. How do you even fill out those applications, anyway?

Make it easier. Understand how to get the job with zero experience. Know how to craft your first resume. Ace the job interview. And make the most of your job experience.

All of this is possible. You can have the financial independence you crave. And build the skills that will lead to better, higher paying jobs in the future. Combined with real networking skills, you will be unstoppable.

Life is an open road ahead of you. Travel it confidently.

So, check out the pages here. Follow some of the links to other pages that will help you. Then go out and show what you can do.

Positive Affirmations For Your Job Search

November 1st, 2014

Positive Affirmations For Your Job SearchA list of affirmations for job searching and career building can be a big benefit if you have lost your job or need to improve your employment situation.

Chances are that your job hunt began on a negative note. You were fired, laid off or find yourself in a toxic work environment. Most of us have been one or more of these situations. It’s tough to keep a positive outlook when you are faced with any of these circumstances.

You may wonder how you will find another job or get that promotion to build your career. How you will pay the bills? How will you get ahead in a difficult economy? Send out announcements that you’re unemployed? Well no, we recommend a more positive approach. Why?

Our thoughts are powerful. We need to make sure that our focus isn’t too much on the problem and is more on the solution. Choosing from a list of affirmations daily is one method that many successful people have employed with great success.

A Positive Outlook Makes All The Difference

Positive People Draw Others To Them

This is true even when you are looking for a job.

Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes for a moment. Would you hire someone who came in looking tired and depressed? No. You’d want someone who came in smiling. Someone with spirit and optimism.

Does this mean you can’t be depressed or tired? No. Of course not. What it means is that you need to get past fatigue and depression and change your mindset.

How to Have a Positive Outlook

One of the best tools for changing your thinking is the self affirmation. Following a list of affirmations can take you beyond simple positive thinking and dramatically influence your subconscious mind.

Your mind basically has two parts: The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Each part has a different role to play. When you choose from the list of affirmations below, you call on the subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.

Powerful Job Search Affirmation

Funny but I prayed and found your column. It’s for my husband. He’s getting laid off and all the stuff you talked about is so relevant.

Thank you,
Betsy Roy

So, what’s the difference between conscious and subconscious?

The conscious mind is the one you are using right now, as you read this. It is the one that deals in cold, hard facts. For example, have you ever sat down to write something, and heard a “voice” in your mind telling you that you are a terrible writer, that you have no good reason to believe you can write? If you aren’t a writer, replace that with any hobby or creative task.

That “voice” is your conscious mind. It wants to keep you safe, so it puts you in a nice little box and won’t let you out.

But there is an escape hatch. If you are willing to use it.

The subconscious mind cannot tell fantasy from reality. If you tell it something, it accepts it as fact and acts accordingly. This means that if you tell your subconscious – through using positive job searching and career building affirmations – that work will become a joy when you have your dream job, it will “keep this in mind” and attempt to make this statement true.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you walk around telling yourself that you suck and your life sucks, odds are, you will and it will. Whether it is because such thoughts cause you to focus on the negatives or whether it is because you attract what you think about doesn’t matter. What matters is that what you tell yourself determines what you experience.

Take a Break and Listen to this Daily Affirmation

Follow a List of Affirmations

They are geared to changing you on the subconscious level. However, the effectiveness is up to you.

How badly do you want success? How committed are you to making good things happen in your life? How hard are you willing to work?

Yes, you will have to work. You will still have to write those cover letters and find those job listings. You will have to attend interviews and fill out applications.

However, by using a list of affirmations for job searching and career building, you improve your outlook on the situation and increase your chances of success.

The more you want something, the more you take the time to see it in your mind’s eye as though you already have it, the more likely you’ll get it.

Below are some statements you can use to help you as you continue your journey toward a better, more successful work life.

Beat Depression

These positive statements are developed to help you overcome the blues associated with stress and fear. However, if you suffer from feelings of hopelessness and self-destructive thinking, please see a doctor.

I am excellent at my job.

My work is important to me.

My new job is exactly right for my needs.

I am a successful {your title}.

Set Your Focus

These statements keep your thinking on the right track.

  • I have strong skills.
  • Employers want to hire me.
  • My job search is fruitful.
  • I am finding my dream job.

Believe in Yourself

Keeping the right mindset is also a matter of knowing that you deserve the best job you can find. You deserve the best benefits and pay, the best work environment and the best hours.

  • I am worth {state desired salary}.
  • I have the best medical benefits for myself and my family.
  • My work hours are well suited to my lifestyle.

Free List of Affirmations That Work for the Worker

Designed to help you be a better, happier, more successful employee, no matter what your position:

1. I work every day.
2. I am punctual.
3. I am willing to speak up when I have ideas to make work better.
4. I maintain a cheerful disposition at work.
5. My working matters.
6. My work matters.
7. I enjoy working.
8. I have a great eye for detail.
9. Working brings me pleasure.
10. I finish what I start.
11. My work inspires others.
12. My work improves each day.
13. I am a versatile worker.
14. I learn something new each day at work.
15. I use feedback to improve my work performance.
16. I accept and use constructive criticism to my advantage.
17. I surround myself with people who support my endeavors.
18. I encourage other workers.
19. I am an organized employee.
20. I easily block out distractions when I work.
21. I set good priorities at work.
22. I willingly help others with their work.
23. I think big at work.
24. I work to improve myself each day.
25. I show others that I appreciate their work.

Choose one or two from this free list of affirmations and repeat them, with feeling, to yourself many times each day. You will begin to notice them taking effect sooner than you think.

What about prayer? If you are a praying person, you might want to adapt the list of affirmations into a list of daily prayers, asking God to bless your efforts and bring forth in you the positive traits on the list. And you can also pray out portions of scripture that help to build your confidence in God’s ability to provide for you.

The Best Web Host Resellers For You

October 29th, 2014

Hosting Reseller ServicesThe Best Web Hosting Reseller For You

On this page you can find reviews on very good web site hosting reseller programs. I will start by reviewing a company that has one of the best web host reseller programs.

Best Website Hosting Reseller – Best Web Host Reseller

The first web site host I review here on this page offers one of the best web site hosting reseller programs.

After that best web hosting reseller review you can find information on two other very good reseller website hosting programs. And at the bottom of the page there is info on cheap reseller hosting, US and UK reseller hosting and reseller hosting Canada.


HawkHost is one of the very best web host reseller companies
– with data centers in both Washington, Dallas and Seattle.
This LiteSpeed web site hosting reseller offers an good amount of control panel accounts. For example 100 cPanel accounts/resell clients for $28.29/month (paid per year).

Of course automated billing systems and you set the price.

The HawkHost web hosting reseller plan is not an “unlimited” web hosting reseller plan. Some companies that are “unlimited”, does have some hidden limits anyway.

With a web host that tells you their limits up front, it is easier to plan. That way you can upgrade to another plan when/if you realize you will have more clients than expected.

HawkHost is also affordable. They have many different web hosting reseller programs or packages we can choose between: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, all with logical costs.

In a way you could call HawkHost a budget web hosting reseller program, because you can get the Bronze plan for $15.79/month :)

The staff at this affordable reseller web hosting program, helps customers with solving all issues and queries in a friendly and customer oriented way.

All this adds up to this web site hosting reseller having one of the best web hosting reseller package.

Lets go over the prices in more detail:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$15.79/month $28.29/month $40.79/month $53.29/month

For more details, visit HawkHost web hosting reseller program here.


Another great LiteSpeed reseller web hosting provider is MDD Hosting.

MDDHosting has a Linux web hosting reseller program for with three differnt plans, starting at $24.50/month. If you pay yearly you get a discount of 15%.

With MDDHosting you can set up your account quite fast and start to brand and manage your reseller account. You can also start your reseller website hosting business without having any previous server administration knowledge. MDDHosting takes care of the technical support.

MDDHosting also has dedicated server hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting.

Below is another quality web hosting reseller program. It is an “unlimited” web hosting company, so they are a bit different from the ones I mentioned above, but still reliable and they will probably be working for those not planning HUGE businesses.
The reason why unlimited does not really mean what it sounds like, is that if you take up more space than a “regular” customer (because you thought unlimited meant unlimited!) the servers will run slow. But in most cases this will not happen though, because if it does you would really have taken up A LOT of space which normally doesn’t happen.


HostGator offers high quality reseller plans, easy setup, unlimited domains and sub domains. HostGator also lets you create an unlimited amount of email accounts.
With their reseller package you get a free site builder software, private name servers and a free billing system.

You can choose between 4.500 website templates and there is more than 22 languages available to choose between.

Their Prices:

Their prices start at $24.99/month

US, UK Reseller Hosting

Normally it should not matter that much if you choose US, UK reseller hosting or reseller hosting Canada. But it might feel better to choose reseller website hosting close to where you live. Most web hosting companies have support offices in more than one country, but not all.


But if you do prefer reseller web hosting close to you, and you are in the US, you can choose the best web hosting reseller HawkHost. Their cheapest package (Bronze) goes for $15.79/month.


If you are in the UK you could go for as they have a good reseller plan for £11.99 GBP. With them, you can pay month to month. If you pre-pay though it is cheaper. because they have offices and customer support in London. But there is also another very good UK web hosting reseller called They offer all kinds of web hosting, and one of their quality hosting solutions happens to be reseller web hosting.

Canada Web Hosting Reseller

Canada Hosting Reseller Web Wholesale

If you are in Canada and need to find a reliable Canada web hosting reseller, you could try Cirrus Tech Ltd. The Linux/Unix plans start at $29.99/month and Windows at $29.99/month. The Windows plan has ASP.Net and JPS support.

Where can I find cheap reseller hosting?

When looking for a very good web hosting reseller plan, you will see prices of $19.95/month, $22.95, $24.95, $24.99, $37.15 and even 55.75/month. So 19.95 is really a good price.

But if you are looking for a very cheap web hosting reseller program, there is one that I can recommend: An affordable reseller web hosting program. Their web hosting reseller plan goes for $9.95/month.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

October 8th, 2014

You have to learn affiliate marketing before do it. You can learn anywhere if you want.