The Best Web Host Resellers For You

October 29th, 2014

Hosting Reseller ServicesThe Best Web Hosting Reseller For You

On this page you can find reviews on very good web site hosting reseller programs. I will start by reviewing a company that has one of the best web host reseller programs.

Best Website Hosting Reseller – Best Web Host Reseller

The first web site host I review here on this page offers one of the best web site hosting reseller programs.

After that best web hosting reseller review you can find information on two other very good reseller website hosting programs. And at the bottom of the page there is info on cheap reseller hosting, US and UK reseller hosting and reseller hosting Canada.


HawkHost is one of the very best web host reseller companies
– with data centers in both Washington, Dallas and Seattle.
This LiteSpeed web site hosting reseller offers an good amount of control panel accounts. For example 100 cPanel accounts/resell clients for $28.29/month (paid per year).

Of course automated billing systems and you set the price.

The HawkHost web hosting reseller plan is not an “unlimited” web hosting reseller plan. Some companies that are “unlimited”, does have some hidden limits anyway.

With a web host that tells you their limits up front, it is easier to plan. That way you can upgrade to another plan when/if you realize you will have more clients than expected.

HawkHost is also affordable. They have many different web hosting reseller programs or packages we can choose between: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, all with logical costs.

In a way you could call HawkHost a budget web hosting reseller program, because you can get the Bronze plan for $15.79/month :)

The staff at this affordable reseller web hosting program, helps customers with solving all issues and queries in a friendly and customer oriented way.

All this adds up to this web site hosting reseller having one of the best web hosting reseller package.

Lets go over the prices in more detail:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$15.79/month $28.29/month $40.79/month $53.29/month

For more details, visit HawkHost web hosting reseller program here.


Another great LiteSpeed reseller web hosting provider is MDD Hosting.

MDDHosting has a Linux web hosting reseller program for with three differnt plans, starting at $24.50/month. If you pay yearly you get a discount of 15%.

With MDDHosting you can set up your account quite fast and start to brand and manage your reseller account. You can also start your reseller website hosting business without having any previous server administration knowledge. MDDHosting takes care of the technical support.

MDDHosting also has dedicated server hosting, semi-dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting.

Below is another quality web hosting reseller program. It is an “unlimited” web hosting company, so they are a bit different from the ones I mentioned above, but still reliable and they will probably be working for those not planning HUGE businesses.
The reason why unlimited does not really mean what it sounds like, is that if you take up more space than a “regular” customer (because you thought unlimited meant unlimited!) the servers will run slow. But in most cases this will not happen though, because if it does you would really have taken up A LOT of space which normally doesn’t happen.


HostGator offers high quality reseller plans, easy setup, unlimited domains and sub domains. HostGator also lets you create an unlimited amount of email accounts.
With their reseller package you get a free site builder software, private name servers and a free billing system.

You can choose between 4.500 website templates and there is more than 22 languages available to choose between.

Their Prices:

Their prices start at $24.99/month

US, UK Reseller Hosting

Normally it should not matter that much if you choose US, UK reseller hosting or reseller hosting Canada. But it might feel better to choose reseller website hosting close to where you live. Most web hosting companies have support offices in more than one country, but not all.


But if you do prefer reseller web hosting close to you, and you are in the US, you can choose the best web hosting reseller HawkHost. Their cheapest package (Bronze) goes for $15.79/month.


If you are in the UK you could go for as they have a good reseller plan for £11.99 GBP. With them, you can pay month to month. If you pre-pay though it is cheaper. because they have offices and customer support in London. But there is also another very good UK web hosting reseller called They offer all kinds of web hosting, and one of their quality hosting solutions happens to be reseller web hosting.

Canada Web Hosting Reseller

Canada Hosting Reseller Web Wholesale

If you are in Canada and need to find a reliable Canada web hosting reseller, you could try Cirrus Tech Ltd. The Linux/Unix plans start at $29.99/month and Windows at $29.99/month. The Windows plan has ASP.Net and JPS support.

Where can I find cheap reseller hosting?

When looking for a very good web hosting reseller plan, you will see prices of $19.95/month, $22.95, $24.95, $24.99, $37.15 and even 55.75/month. So 19.95 is really a good price.

But if you are looking for a very cheap web hosting reseller program, there is one that I can recommend: An affordable reseller web hosting program. Their web hosting reseller plan goes for $9.95/month.

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